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Past Puppies & Testimonals

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Puppies In There Forever Homes!


If you have adopted a puppy from us and would like to submit your own testimonal, please feel free to email us your testimonal and we will add it to our website. Or go here ADD TESTIMONIAL , Thank you very much.

To go from being an animal free home for 4 + years, I never really imagined getting another pet. I have always enjoyed looking at smaller breeds but I had never discoverd the Havanese breed till I met Marlee, another Steel City Havanese, it was both her and her owner Linda got me hooked on the breed. I searched all different breeders and there was not one that compared to Steel City. Your litters are by far the cutest out there!

I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to come with Linda to see the puppies. Ever since that first night, not only was I hooked but my mother was hooked on Fievel as well. After that, we both kept a close watch to see if anyone else was going to get him and it wasnt too long after that did we know that Fievel was the right dog for me. We all love Fievel so much in our home. If someone were to ever ask me if I have any regrets, I would tell them before they even completed the question that I don't have a single regret with getting Fievel. He is the biggest sweetheart and goofball. Even the smallest things that he does is so adorable, like staring out the window when any of the family leaves the house or how he carries his toys around the house.

Every night after work I have a huge smile on my face when I'm walking up the basement steps aand I hear those little paws running through the kitchen to greet me at the basement door. The happiness, smiles and laughs that everyone has been able to recieve because of Fievel being in our home could never be replaced and it's all because of both of you, Dawn and Amy. I can't really tell you thank you enough but I can try. Thank you again,

Erica Lee ~ Pittsburgh, PA

Hi ...Sophia is doing wonderfully....she is completely house trained, has a wonderful time playing with her pug sister...sleeps in bed with us....learning some tricks already....knows her name and comes when called...goes to our local hospital almost daily as well as to many doctors offices...people go nuts when they see her and always comment about her beautiful coat, temperment, alertness...I have referred many to your site to hopefully buy a pup from you. Many want to know where we got her....I tell everyone how great you guys are and that we want to get a future pup from you. Sophia is a SUPER BIKER "PUP", riding in my shirt with her head stuck out enjoying the sites and breeze. TAKE CARE....CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEW PUPS TO ARRIVE.

Peg and Tom Luffey, Pittsburgh, PA

She has been everything we imagined in a 'first' dog experience! She has the best personality, demeanor, and so so adorable! She just makes everyone smile when they see her! Especially all of us! Everyone wants to know, 'what kind of dog is she?' Surprisingly not a lot of people know of her breed. We are very happy with our choice, and especially with your services! I absolutely believe it was because of your website, and the wonderful pictures, video's and information that lead me to Jessie!! She has a strong confident personality when she is around other dogs....she loves to play tug-a-war & fetch, and already knows a few tricks! WOW, and she's only 11 weeks old!! Now I see why you have more than one Havanese in your home! I want to thank you so much for the very generous care package for Jessie and us. The plaque is so nice and hangs on the wall. She sleeps with her blanket, and plays fetch with her pink toy. The pictures are great to have too! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! There is a possibility that some friends and/or family members may be checking in to see if Dylan/Fabio will be having another liter anytime in the near future! They want a 'Jessie' all to themselves!

Live well, Tina Quercia and family, Georgetown, MA

Our family chose a Havanese dog because it is hypo-allergenic (but not 100% guaranteed). However, we have many friends with Havanese dogs and my son has not had any allergic reaction to them. I am a 1st time dog owner so I only have book knowledge of how to raise a puppy to a well behaved dog. We initially chose a breeder in NJ and picked out in-person a puppy for our home. However, my talks with that breeder turned oddly sour when I asked her too many questions regarding her dogs and puppies. I knew she wasn’t the right person to adopt our new puppy from. I came across Steel City Havanese and spoke to Dawn with ease and comfort. She was very open and answered all my questions. Steel City Havanese puppies were the most adorable Havanese pups I ever saw. I could have picked out any of Carman’s & Fabio’s litter. I really wanted a chocolate / white puppy and that is what we got with the help of Dawn & Amy. I mentioned to them the puppies we thought were the cutest based on the photos on their website and asked them to choose the right one that will have enough spunk and be able to handle my 2 boys, 8 & 12 years old. Well, Dawn & Amy picked a winner for us! They named her Noel and we loved the name so we kept it.

We picked up Noel Jan 22, 2011 and we received a very thoughtful and generous surprise gift package from Dawn & Amy. Now, over 2 months later after learning how to train my puppy I must say it wasn’t so bad. Noel is almost housebroken, she loves playing with the boys, has lots of energy, is so adorable that she can stop cars on the street and people ask me what kind of dog is that and she is so cute. My boys love to show her off and Noel just loves the kids and adults attention. She is so friendly and I have to say very smart. She has learned the basic commands, sit, down, come, wait and many more in about 8 weeks.

I highly recommend Steel City Havanese to all my friends and family. I think you can never go wrong with a Havanese. They are such pleasant dogs that just love the whole family and as for Noel she loves everyone even her Vet after all the vaccinations. She has really brought such joy to our family and we are so blessed to have her.

Dawn & Amy are professional, pleasant and helpful. They have goregous puppies, they raise their puppies with lots of love and play with them as my friends and vet noticed. They said that Noel is a very happy well bred puppy. One more thing I love about Steel City Havanese is their weekly smilebox, video and photo updates. I still go back to the website to look at the new puppies and love to watch them grow. Those smilebox albums take lots of time to create and Dawn & Amy do it weekly. I thank you both for giving me Noel and I look forward to keeping in touch with you.

~The Anzalone Family ~ New Jersey~

I was looking for a long time after a chocolate girl havanese. Here in Europe, they are very rare so I decided to search on the other side of the Atlantic, in the USA. I feel in love on Carman's and Fabio's litter, all the puppies were beautiful. I am extremely satisfied of a steel havenese, it is the best choice. Dawn is fabulous and it was a pleasure to receive each week a lot of pictures and vidéos of Wonka. 4 months waiting was long but necessary for all the shots, papers and certificates in order to bring Wonka into France. Dawn is wonderful and is very professional. Dawn loves the havanese and we feel it through the pictures, vidéos, messages and Wonka's nature. Wonka is so sweet tempered and she is a very elegant darling. Congratulation to a steel havanese. Thank you very much Dawn for all you care. The Verniaud family and Wonka.

~ Eléonore Verniaud ~ Bordeaux. FRANCE~

This winter my husband and I agreed that it was time to find a playmate for our heinz 57/mixed breed dog. As a therapist, I happened to go to one of my patients homes and they had 2 havanese dogs. They were the cutest things ever and that is when I decided I wanted to get a havanese. I started looking on the internet and came across Steel City Havenese. I was in no hurry so every week I would check their board and look at the pictures of the puppies. I noticed that they still had one puppy left from the last brood and his name was Vixen. He was a chocolate havanese and looked adorable in all his photos and pictures. I finally decided to call and Dawn told me to come as soon as I could because others were looking at the puppy. I asked if I could bring my dog to make sure they would get along and she had no problem with it. They opened us with welcome arms and spent nearly over an hour talking with us about how they care for each brood of puppies, how they raise them and how much they love all of them. I was thoroughly impressed. We decided that night to get Vixen and never looked back. My neighbors have remarked what a calm gentle loving dog he is and have asked me where I got him and how they could get one. He was so well trained that we did not neet to paper train him at all!!! Our bigger dog and he get along great and romp around the yard just like they have know each other for years and Vixen loves to sit in your lap if your willing. For anyone who is considering getting a havanese, I would definitely get one from Dawn and Steel City Havenese. They are truly wonderful and raise true bred dog that are well trained and personable. We couldnt be happier and we will never be able to thank them enought for the love they have given us through Vixen.

~ The Burrows Family, Wexford, PA ~

I searched throught the United States on various Havanese web sites looking for the right puppy. That is how I found Steel City Havanese-love their web site. On a trip to Pittsburgh, I called and asked to see Fabio, Carmen and all the other dogs and puppies. Dawn and Amy were very generous in inviting us into their home and answering all our questions. We are very happy with Maisie-she is quite smart, very beautiful with striking eyes and thick healthy fur and good skin. We were looking for the perfect and unique Havenese and Dawn and Amy have them. Going with Steel City Havanese was the right decision. Everywhere I take Maisie, people are drawn to her and she loves the attention.

~ Peg and Ken Spisak, California ~

Our family adopted our little Santo about 4 weeks ago on Super Bowl Sunday. We found Dawn and Amy's website just by doing searches of the Havanese breed. We were so impressed with the website and how personal it seemed. That was nothing compared to the dealing we had before we decided to adopt our little guy. My husband and I had a million questions over countless emails and phone calls, all of which were answered immediately and with what was probably a great deal of patience! When we finally decided to go ahead with adding to our family, they agreed to meet us halfway because we were close to 6 hours from Pittsburgh. What a great help that was, not to mention what savings on the hotel and gas! Our dealings went off without a hitch, and Santo is everything they told us and more! Dawn and Amy do not run their business like a business...more like a family trying to place their loved ones. You really get a feel from them that they truly care about each one of their puppies, and are sad to see them go! The constant video updates were such a special added touch that made us even more excited (if that was possible) to meet our new family member! We would recommend anyone looking for a sweet Havanese to go to Steel City Havanese. You will not be sorry!

~The Santo Family, New Jersey ~

I was so lucky and blessed to come across Steel City Havanese. I had researched different breeds for months and finally decided on a Havanese puppy. Most of the breeders I contacted were far away and would not ship their puppies. I was very disappointed until one night I found Dawn's website. I looked at the puppies every night and my husband said these are the best pictures we've seen so far and I agreed. When we spotted our Coco we fell in love with him. I contacted Dawn and she was willing for us to come and see him, but even though Steel City Havanese was only 6-8 hours away my husband's health issues didn't allow us to travel at this time and I didn't want to lose him. My heart sank until Dawn said she ships her puppies. I was elated! Dawn was always available by phone or email to answer any questions and was very knowledgable about the breed. You could tell she really loves her Havanese family. Coco arrived February 19th 2011 safe and sound and ready for his new family. Our Coco ( I call him Mama's Love) has enriched our life. I still have the website shortcut on my computer and will look at it from time to time. Thank you Dawn for my handsome little man. I love him dearly.

~ Lucia and Jose Ceron, Suffern, NY ~



I am Ursula's sister from Texas. I just saw the new addition to our family. My sister's family is so in love with Noel. I had to write to let you know you have the most beautiful Havanese puppies I have seen on-line. Your web-site is first class. I have it saved as one of my favorite sites just so I can look at the puppies and see how they grow. I have two Dachshunds, but if I would be looking for one in the future, I know were I can find one.

~ Terri - Texas ~

OMG! Steel City Havanese Breeders are the best breeders I have ever dealt with! From the moment I talked with Dawn Herrick about the Havanese breed, I knew that I wanted one of their puppies. Dawn is so knowledgeable about breeding in general and more specifically, the Havanese breed. My husband and I went to look at the puppies from the latest litter. We immediately fell in love with the puppies. Unfortunately for me, they were both boys and my husband is more partial to girls. Dawn brought out her little girl, Papi, who was expecting a litter at the end of March. We also got to meet the father at that time. I told Dawn that I was interested in a little girl from the next litter and told her to give me a call when the puppies arrived. She laughed and asked, "What if they come at 3:00 in the morning?" I laughed and said it didn't matter...I just wanted to know when they got here. I got the phone call about 10:00 p.m. March 29, 2010. She said Papi delivered 4 boys and she waited to call until they got a little girl. As it turned out, Marlee was the only girl and the last puppy from that litter. That night, I got my first picture. I was so excited! She was so cute. I immediately put money down on her. One of the things that impressed me so much about Steel City Havanese was the ethics with which they conduct themselves. When several people contacted them and offered more money to try and buy my puppy out from under me, Steel City Havanese acted professionally and refused to sell them my little Marlee. It was so hard for me to wait the 9 weeks to take Marlee home. If it wasn't for the weekly pictures and smilebox, and the puppy visits, I don't know if I would have made it through. I am always amazed at the amount of love and care that Steel City Havanese put into their puppies. If you are looking for a Havanese puppy, I would whole-heartedly recommend Steel City Havanese. You won't be sorry!

~ Linda Diesing - Pittsburgh, PA ~

In August of 2009 I started thinking about getting a playmate for my Havanese Lola. At the time we were living in Morgantown, WV and I knew I wanted to be able to go see the puppy in person if I was going to get another dog. So I started searching the internet and came upon Steel City Havanese which was located just about an hour away. The website had pictures of the the newborn puppies. As a huge dog lover seeing the pictures was really pressuring me to want to get one. I just wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the money on another dog and I was worried that the 3 yr old Havanese I already had wouldn't like the puppy. So, I didn't act right away. Instead I weekly started checking the website and became more and more hooked as Amy and Dawn put weekly pictures and videos up of the puppies. I probably wrote them what seemed like a million times a day asking a million questions and they graciously answered every single email right away. After about six weeks of looking at pictures on the internet I had to go "see" the little girl puppy I had had my eyes on for so long. I still had reservations about the dog I had and loved so much not liking the new puppy and I expressed these concerns to Dawn and Amy. Anyways, they were gracious enough to allow my husband and I to bring our other Havanese to their house to see how she interacted with the puppy that we now call Sophie. We must have stayed there about an hour. Amy and Dawn showed us how they raised and socialized the puppies. We met Sophie's parents and got a feel for their demeanor too. I was very impressed. I felt like the dogs and puppies were being raised in a nice home with lots of love. I could tell that selling the puppies was not just a business for Amy and Dawn, I could tell that they loved each and every puppy like children. My husband and I left with Sophie that day and I can't tell you how much we love her. She is a healthy, loving, and very playful little girl, not to mention she is unbelievably gorgeous! I am a dentist and keep lots of pictures of my dogs in my office and I can't tell you how many times people think that Sophie is a stuffed animal sitting next to my other Havanese in pictures because she looks so perfectly beautiful. But, the story doesn't end there. We have had Sophie for about a year and a half and Amy and Dawn and I still talk every few months. I send them pictures of Sophie and updates on her and they always respond back inquiring more about her. I feel as though even though Sophie is now mine she will always be Amy and Dawn's in their heart too. I can say without question that when I am ready to get another Havanese I will be calling Amy and Dawn! I can't imagine a better experience when adding another furry child to your family.

~ Maggie - West Virginia ~

LL Chocolate Jacob, is just a lover and stick with you like glue. Sits, stays, and heels on command!

Just love people and his girls. Weigh 14 LB. but his puppies are smaller. Here is a couple of pictures of his baby's. We are real happy with him and he stayed dark chocolate color.

~ Thelma Bennett, Battle Ground, WA ~

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