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In Loving Memory of Dawn D Herrick 10/30/1961- 03/11/2012

My mother was a wonderful and caring person always placing her loved ones above all else.You could always count on her to be there for you when you were at your worst or the one to call when you needed some guidance or just someone to talk to. She helped me alot my whole life, she was indeed what you would call the perfect mother,friend, and person.

Her greatest love would be her dogs. My mother was a breeder for almost 30yrs and she loved it. I remember her telling me that having puppies around made her happy and its something she always loved, to watch them develop, to enjoy there personalities and the affection they brought her, she told me how great she felt when the new owners of a puppy would light up with happiness and joy once they took them, though my mother always got attached to all the puppies, she just loved to see others happy.

My mother got into breeding Havanese because she actually developed a allergy towards dogs a couple years ago and had to get rid of her beloved pugs, she was heart broken.She didnt wanna be without the companionship she got with dogs, so she searched for a breed and came upon the Havanese, they quickly became her favorite breed and one of the few you can find that are hypoallergenic. My mother loved these dogs so much and Im glad they brought her happiness.

Though she is gone now, I still feel her here with me and believe she truly has her rightful place as a angel cause there no one more deserving then her.Love you mom!

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