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Please make all deposits/payments payable to Dustin Herrick. (Cash only at pickup)

Steel City Havanese puppies are available on a first come first serve basis, $1500- $1900 for chocolates (pigments) depending on lines/color (coat variations) and $1200-$1600 for all other colors unless a special price is stated. We go in the order of deposits received, if you place a deposit and choose to wait your deposit is transferable to the next litter, you will then be placed on the list for that litter.

If you request to be put on our waiting list for a particular litter, that unfortunately doesn't guarantee you a puppy. However, you will be contacted, as well as everyone else on the waiting list if a puppy is available, in no particular order, as soon as the litter is born. You may reserve a puppy by placing a non-refundable deposit of $500 by way of a Postal Money Order or Pay Pal, which will be credited to the price of the puppy. If you choose to use Pay Pal we do charge a 3.5% fee (paypal fee). If you place a deposit on a future litter giving you first pick of a puppy, that choice needs to be made as early as 1 day old and no later than 4 weeks of age depending on when other inquires start to be made on that litter. 


Return buyer discount: ($300.00) this is also included if more then one puppy is purchased at a time. 


Senior:($100.00) 60+

Delivery,Pickup,Shipping (Only pickup available at this time)

We have 3 ways for you to receive your puppy. You may come to our home, we may agree on a meeting place if the distance is to far for you to travel or we are able to fly your puppy to an airport near your home. 

If you would like to pick up the puppy at our home, the balance will be due at that time in cash.

If we make arrangements to meet halfway, we do require a fee in advance depending on the distance, and the remaining balance will be paid in cash at the meeting place.

If you are having your puppy shipped, the remainder will be due along with the cost of shipping, one week prior to the shipping date. This allows us time to book your puppies flight arrangements and provide you with the shipping details. The cost of shipping a puppy is $300 anywhere in the U.S and Canada and will be flown aboard a major airline out of the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport.

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